Ling Kun’s profound strength was in the late stage of Tyrant Profound Realm. In Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, this was below the average but he was listed as one of the Elders. This was because of his extraordinary scheming mind and his extensive knowledge and experience[1].

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He is a very evil person full of schemes behind his dangerous smile.

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He discovered Xia Qingyue's Nine Profound Exquisite Body during the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. He wanted to get the maximum profit out of this knowledge and sold this information to Ye Xinghan for 1.5 kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal. This lead to Xia Qingyue having to be teleported away to a random place, the death of both Gong Yuxian and Feng Qianhui, and Yun Che becoming the new AsgardMaster.

References Edit

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