A profound beast at the Sky Profound Realm.

Appearance Edit

It was a huge snow-white bird type profound beast. It was over ten meters tall, and its whole body was as white as snow. The features of its body appeared similar to a falcon’s, but it was even more robust, mighty and towering. Its head was similar to that of a hawk, but it was much more noble and lofty. Its claws were like hooks, and its eyes gave the impression of cold blades. It had a great majestic aura, and its speed was even greater, like a lightning.

Plotline Edit

It is a Snow Phoenix Beast that was caught and raised by Chu Yuechan, and later given to Yun Che by Chu Yueli.[1] After Yun Che met Feng Xue'er while in the Divine Phoenix Empire Yun Che released it because it wanted to be with Feng Xue'er.