Little Demon Emperor was the younger brother of Huan Caiyi. He was the son of the Demon Emperor and prince of the imperial Huan Family. Due to rules for preserving purity of the Golden Crow bloodline, he was married to his sister. The Little Demon Emperor had a very close relationship with Yun Qinghong and addressed him as brother[1].

Personality Edit

The Little Demon Emperor had an air of arrogance, but was also really compassionate. As soon as he was born, he had a fearless personality. Even the previous Demon Emperor couldn’t control him, but he was scared of his sister. The Little Demon was very respectful and afraid of the Little Demon Empress, as the Little Demon Empress’ profound energy cultivation was always stronger than his, and from youth, she was domineering person. Every time the Little Demon Emperor didn’t behave himself, she would beat him up until he obeyed[2].

History Edit

He ascended the throne as the Little Demon Emperor after the death of his father, but he was unable to obtain the Golden Crow Legacy due to the loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal. The Little Demon Emperor on his wedding night went to pay his respects to his father alone but was attacked and crippled by Duke Ming. Duke Ming used a soul invading technique to read his memories and then sent his corpse through a teleportation portal to the Profound Sky Continent[3].


Once, he went out with Yun Qinghong to the Northern Passes on the spur of the moment, and disappeared for a month without a word. When they came back, the Little Demon Emperor was beaten up by Huan Caiyi and Yun Qinghong was beaten up along as well, with more than thirty bones broken, and had to lie in bed for half a month[2].

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