The Medical Saint or Yun Gu is a character from Yun Che's second life on the Azure Cloud Continent. He picked up an abandoned baby who he later name Yun Che. He raised and taught Yun Che how to be a nice and humble person. He also passed down his knowledge of medicine to him and upon his death the Sky Poison Pearl.


Second Lifetime Edit

Yun Che's master during his life on the Azure Cloud Continent. When Yun Che was a baby he found him, abandoned and took him in and taught him everything he knows about medicine. He saved countless people seeking neither benefit nor fame. He was the original owner of the Sky Poison Pearl, but he never used it’s poison he only used alchemy to extract, melt and in the end produce holy medicines to save millions of lives.

Eventually he was forced to his death over the Sky Poison Pearl but before his death he gave it to Yun Che and asked him not to seek revenge on the ones who killed him.

Current Lifetime Edit

Yun Gu was cornered by the three greatest sect of the Azure Cloud Continent due to possessing the Sky Poison Pearl, much like in the other timeline. However, this time the sect's targeting him were the leaders of the entire continent, as opposed to the the first class sects from the other timeline, and also they desired the poison power of the Sky Poison Pearl, as opposed to the purifying powers from the other timeline. Yun Che crippled the sect master of the top three sects and captured their elites present there, who were then let go by Yun Gu.

Afterwards, Yun Che and Su Ling'er petitioned him to come to the Illusory Demon Realm with them since it was far too dangerous for him to remain in the Azure Cloud Continent. There, Yun Che arranged a courtyard for him in the Yun Family household. Yun Gu later checked Little Demon Empress' condition and agreed to treat her. He then took Su Ling'er in as his disciple to pass on his life's work and to treat the Little Demon Empress since the doctor needs to be a female with an abundance of Yin Qi. The treatment process entails *cough* *cough* "touching their sacred gardens together".

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