The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest is an island located in the Southern Ocean, one thousand five hundred kilometers south of the southern edge of Profound Sky Continent. The island is guarded by the Supreme Ocean Palace. The island contains a large cave which is the source of terrifying yin energy. The cave is the home of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

History Edit

The island was first discovered by seven ancestors of the Supreme Ocean Palace. They found that the island spewed out terrifying amounts of yin energy which caused a large area of ocean water around to be dyed black. The countless corpses of oceanic beasts were the same color. It island itself was also completely dyed black. There was a large cave on the island that was the source of the yin energy. The deeper they went the stronger the yin energy became, causing their profound strength to be suppressed from Sovereign Profound to Emperor Profound.

One ancestor was able to escape while the other six were killed by the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, which the ancestor believed to be a profound beast. In order to prevent the spread of the yin energy and trap the beast, he gathered large amount of Ocean Palace resources to create an isolation barrier over the island and set up Supreme Ocean Palace to guard it.

A gap was left on the barrier that only opens once every five hundred years so that they could send disciples with bad aptitudes to see if the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign beast was dead. Since about six thousand and five hundred years ago, disciples that entered all came out alive, leading Supreme Ocean Palace to believe that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had died.

Around one thousand three hundred years ago, a fully blossomed Netherworld Udumbara Flower was discovered within. Its soul sucking power frightened off the Ocean Palace people[1].


After all but one expert from Supreme Ocean Palace were killed, the surviving one sacrificed dozens of their strongest profound artifacts and a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal to create an isolation barrier.

Because the barrier consumes so much energy, every three years a dozen Monarchs are needed to infuse Profound Strength in order to maintain it[1].



  • The beast within calls itself the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.
  • After Yun Che and Jasmine took away all the treasure, the island no longer emits yin energy.