Mu Bingyun is the founder of Frozen Cloud Asgard. She is from the Realm of Gods, Snow Song Realm. With her being from the Realm of Gods, it is assumed that her Profound Strength is at the least in the Divine Profound Realm.


First Appearance Edit

She was as lithe and graceful as a fairy and her entire body was enshrouded in cloud and mist making it impossible to make out her features clearly, and one could only vaguely see a pair of eyes that were as tranquil as an ancient spring. [1]


Kind hearted; detests killing. As seen when she recovered she didn't kill the people who destroyed the Eternal Night Royal Family, and Frozen Cloud Asgard, which was built for ill-fated girls who had nowhere else to go.


One thousand years ago she was on Blue Pole Star, Profound Sky Continent with no memories and no profound strength. She was saved by someone from Eternal Night Royal Family.

After regaining her memories and strength she created Frozen Cloud Asgard, for women who had no where else to go and eventually left Frozen End Divine Arts, a supreme profound art from the Realm of Gods, but as it was impossible for normal people to cultivate, thus she created Frozen Cloud Arts within seven days, before eventually leaving.


She was looking down at Frozen Cloud Asgard from the above the sky talking to her disciple about intervening, saying that it would be easy to wipe them out but Mu Bingyun refused saying that when she left Frozen Cloud Asgard she vowed to severe all ties with that place, and no matter what happened, she would count it as destiny and not interfere any further. [1]

References Edit

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