Mu Xuanyin is the Realm King of the Snow Song Realm and Chief Palace Master of the Ice Phoenix Palace. The soul of the Ice Phoenix resides in her body and she is the first person to cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon to completion in the history of Snow Song Realm, capable of sealing wide areas of land in ice with just a flick of her fingers.

Appearance Edit

She has long hair that stretches all the way to her waist and it has a special kind of icy color. It isn’t pure white but a lustrous white that is freckled with icy crystals and gleaming with a bit of light blue. Her hair is dazzlingly beautiful beneath the sunlight.

Her figure is alluring to the extreme. A snow colored ribbon is tied around her willow-thin waist and the snow robes covering her chest looks so round and full it is as if something would burst out of its trappings at any moment. The buttocks beneath her slim waist are also rounder and firmer.

Personality Edit

She frequently enters the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake to cultivate. My divine senses are able to detect everything about her. Her personality is exceptionally eccentric, with two completely opposite extremes…

Heartless Edit

She is a cold and determined person. Although she seems to be angry all the time, she is very smart and has enough power and dominance to control the situation like a proper ruler of a realm.

Seductive Edit

Sometimes she can also be playful and a very seductive woman, she likes to test Yun Che and put him in difficult situations.

Protective Edit

But above everything, she is a very protective person, caring a lot for the people around her. She seems to care a lot for her disciple Yun Che, killing Mu Sushan and Mu Fengshu for the sake of hiding his relation with Star God Realm. She also helps him a lot to get stronger. To say nothing of the sheer scale of her rage should her sister come to harm, as she is said to have slaughtered innumerable numbers of disciples from the Flame God Realm when one of their Patriarchs poisoned her.

Background Edit

She is the Realm King of Snow Song Realm, although the Snow Song Realm is a Middle Rank Star Realm, her profound strength is enough to rival profound practitioners from the higher Rank Star Realm or even the Royal Rank Star Realm.

Even though she was born in a middle star realm, her natural aptitude was extremely impressive, shocking the entire Realm of the Gods during Divine Tribulation Realm as she flawlessly went through four rounds of tribulation lightning. In the end, she became the only person to achieve the Divine Master Realm in all nine hundred thousand years of the Snow Song Realm’s history. Having succeeded as the Snow Song Realm King for over ten thousand years, she was immovable.

Trivia Edit