Murong Qianxue is one of Frozen Cloud Asgard's Seven Fairies, with her being ranked second. She later became Asgard Mistress when Yun Che handed her the position.

Appearance Edit

Her appearances was peerlessly beautiful as if she was a goddess that descended to the mortal world.

History Edit

She came out with the rest of the Seven Fairies to fight Yun Che when he came to Frozen Cloud Asgard to look for Chu Yuechan but they were defeated.[2] When Yun Che joined as a disciple, he ran into the Seven Fairies when they were naked in the bath.[3] Yun Che opened all of her profound entrances as repayment.[4]

After Yun Che returned from the Illusory Demon Realm with the Overlord Pellet, he helped all disciples take the pellet starting with Murong Qianxue. Her Profound Strength rose from a Level Eight Throne to a Mid-Stage Fifth Level Overlord. [1]

A month before ascending to the Realm of the Gods with Mu Bingyun, Yun Che formally passed on the title of Asgard Mistress to her.[5] Mu Bingyun bestowed the 6 remaining Fairies each a drop of blood essence so they could cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts, thus giving Murong Qianxue a very thin Ice Phoenix bloodline.[6]

Trivia Edit

One of the characters with the biggest breasts introduced so far, only surpassed by Mu Xuanyin.