Murong Ye is the son of the Governor of New Moon City, Murong Hang.


He wore a white robe and had a tall build, elegant features, and a fascinating charm like that of jade. He was beautiful enough to make any sexually awakened girl who yearned for love, become completely infatuated.[1]


He is arrogant and petty. He is easily roused to jealousy by other people merely speaking to Lan Xueruo. He threatened to kick Yun Che out of the palace after Yun Che talked to her.[2]

Background Edit

During the time that he was at New Moon Profound Palace he developed a one sided crush on Lan Xueruo. He was one the top disciples at the palace, being 19 years old and eight level of the Nascent Profound. Due to this and and him having a strong family background, he deterred other male students that were interested in Lan Xueruo.

History Edit

When Yun Che appeared and started flirting with Lan Xueruo, Murong Ye became extremely jealous and developed an antagonistic relationship with Yun Che.[1]

He joined Blue Wind Profound Palace as an Outer Palace disciple. He was overcome by rage when he heard that Yun Che claim he slept with Lan Xueruo and tried to kill Yun Che. He was quickly slapped down due to Yun Che's sudden increase in profound strength.[3]