One of the three items Jasmine asked Yun Che to procure her in exchange for her help. The Netherworld Udumbara Flower was an object of Yin and evil in the world; it only grew in dark and cold lands, its stem and leaves are of a purplish black color, and it took an entire twenty four years to only bloom once, the bloomed flower was of an extremely pretty and flirtatious bright purple color. On its petals lingered a light purple mist that carried the breath of the netherworld, and while that mist drifted, it still faintly lets out the crying and laughing sounds of the nether ghosts. The flower withered three days after blooming, thus one would have to wait twenty four years later for it to bloom once more. If a normal person gets close to it, he would get invaded by the nether gases, ending in a coma in light cases and death in the worst.

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