The Overlord Pellet also known as the Six Flavor Emperor Pellet is a medical pellet that is used to help breaking through into higher realms most commonly by Thrones on the verge of becoming Overlords. This pellet can also be used by Overlords who are on the verge of becoming Monarchs but with a lower success rate.

Most of the ingredients not only contain a high level of power, but are also extremely hard to control. Even the best apothecaries would find it extremely hard to refine even a single one of the ingredients, even the Illusory Demon Royal Family was only able to at most produce two Overlord Pellets every century.

Ingredients Edit

  • Purgatory Stones
  • Flaming Devil Vines
  • Rakshasa Heart-destroying Fruit
  • Skull Seeds
  • Soul Withering Grass
  • 44 other ingredients.

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