The Overlord Pellet is a powerful medicinal pellet that originated in the Illusory Demon Realm and is refined by Duke Baoqing Palace. It allows a profound practitioner at the peak of Emperor Profound to immediately break through to the Tyrant Profound Realm. Duke Baoqing Palace needs to spend fifty years on average to refine a single pellet. The bottleneck of the Tyrant Profound Realm is very challenging to young practitioners and the ability to instantly pass it is extremely valuable. Duke Hui Ran was able to take an Overlord Pellet and become the absolute strongest of his generation[1].

The value of the pellet is that it extracts energy from violent and unstable ingredients into a non-harmful form. Duke Baoqing Palace took fifty years to refine one pellet because of the difficulty involved. With the refining power of the Sky Poison Pearl once Yun Che figured out the concept, it was easy as pie to create his own superior version of the Overlord Pellet[2].

Yun Che's Overlord Pellet Edit

Yun Che's version of the Overlord Pellet is completely superior to the original. The aura was far purer and thicker and its medicinal quality was perfect. Yun Che can easily mass produce hundreds and thousands of pellets given enough raw ingredients.

Usages Edit

Ingredients Edit

The original Overlord Pellet used 36 ingredients while Yun Che's took 49 ingredients. Each one possessed extremely violent and concentrated energy and is difficult to control[5].

  • Purgatory Stones
  • Flaming Devil Vines
  • Rakshasa Heart-destroying Fruit
  • Skull Seeds
  • Soul Withering Grass
  • 44 other ingredients.


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