The Phoenix is one of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts. Before the end of the Divine Era the Phoenix left its legacy on the Blue Pole Star.

Background Edit

The Phoenix is one of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts. Its strength is ranked second among the three. The flames of the Phoenix possessed benevolent attributes; not only can it destroy, it can also purify. It used to be called the ‘Flame of the World Ode’. The Phoenix left several legacies throughout countless planes with two being in the Profound Sky Continent.

Appearance Edit

True AppearanceEdit

The Phoenixes true form has not been seen yet.

Residual Soul Edit

A pair of mysterious eyes suddenly opened in the pitch-black space overhead. These two eyes were huge, yet long and narrow; they were about the same shape as a human’s eyes which resembled the Azure Dragons. only the Phoenix eyes were gold while the Azure Dragons eyes were an azure blue color that was deeper than the skies.


Main Article: Phoenix Legacy

The Phoenix left his legacy on Blue Pole Star because Blue Pole Star the seemingly insignificant planet was the first star the Evil God ever created and the Phoenix was one of the few beings on good terms with him.

Profound ArtEdit


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