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The Phoenix legacy was left behind by the Primordial Phoenix as trail grounds to pass down its power with its bloodline. So far we know that it left two soul remnants behind on Blue Pole Star to test anybody who wants to try and pass the trials.

Phoenix Bloodline Edit

The only way to get the Phoenix Bloodline is to find a Phoenix Trial ground and pass all three trials and be bestowed with a drop of Phoenix Blood. The only other way is for the descendants from people who have passed the trial grounds, for example the Divine Phoenix Empire. The Phoenix blood will allow you to practice the World Ode of the Phoenix and helps you withstand fire.

Complete Inheritor(s)Edit

There has only ever been one person that has ever received the complete legacy and inheritance of the Primordial Phoenix.

True Inheritor(s) Edit

Someone who also received Soul Essence and Origin Energy along with its bloodline.

Bloodline Inheritor(s) Edit

People that have inherited the bloodline of the Phoenix by passing the trials. Normal people can only handle a single drop of Phoenix blood.[1]

  • Phoenix Clan
    • They guard a trial ground of the Phoenix, thus they are able to send people in to the trial grounds
  • Divine Phoenix Empire
    • When the Phoenix God was still alive Divine Phoenix Empire was able to enter the trial grounds
  • Phoenix Sect

Generational Inheritance Edit

People that receive the Phoenix bloodline through their parents. Since it's not directly given, over time their Phoenix blood will start to dilute causing their Phoenix flames to weaken over each generation.

Known Trial Grounds Edit

Profound Sky Continent Edit

Phoenix Trial Grounds Edit

A trial by fire with three trails that has to be passed; after passing you will receive a Divine Phoenix Pill, Phoenix Blood, and one month to comprehend the World Ode of the Phoenix.

  • First Trial - Purgatory Flame Demon
  • Second Trial - Arrows of the Phoenix
  • Third Trial - Test of character
    • The third trial is constructed through the practitioner’s most pleasant memories from in the depths of their soul. It is exactly the same as the real person, item or event and they’ll have to face it as if everything was real. If they hurt the person who they loved the most just to achieve strength, even if that is a sort of dedication, and even if it doesn’t mean that they’re evil, they will fail.

World Ode of the Phoenix Edit

Main Article: World Ode of the Phoenix

The profound art that only people with the Phoenix Bloodline or soul can practice. The phoenix soul fragment in the Divine Phoenix Empire was corrupted by the greedy and violent nature of humans and sought to destroy the other soul fragment. After this battle, the Divine Phoenix Empire's soul fragment was left with the first 4 stages and the soul fragment of the Phoenix Clan was left with the 5th and 6th stage.[1]

Phoenix Soul Essence Edit

It protects the soul. It is unknown if there are anymore unknown uses.

Phoenix Origin Energy Edit

Not to sure what is use is but it changed the Phoenix imprint on Yun Che's forehead from scarlet to gold. It's something that the Phoenix Soul can give to someone once in its life. (It may have to do with Yun Che removing the curse on the Phoenix Clan)