The Primordial Azure Dragon also known as the Dragon God, is the Head of the various Divine Beast and the leader of the Dragon God Clan. Before the end of the divine era it left several legacies behind with the last one being on Blue Pole Star on its Profound Sky Continent.

Background Edit

The leader of the Dragon God clan. He was the Head of the various Divine Beasts during the Primordial Era. He left behind several legacies in the Profound Sky Continent after the fall of the Divine Realm. The trial ground in the Wasteland of Death was the very last trial ground that was still passing down.

Appearance Edit

True Appearance Edit

Azure Dragon Seiryuu by Juhua

What the Primordial Azure Dragons True Form may look like

An Azure Dragon that is so enormous that ordinary people fundamentally could not comprehend. [1]

Residual Soul FormEdit

Two eyes that were huge, yet long and narrow; they were about the same shape as a human’s eyes. It's eyes were an azure blue color that was deeper than the skies.


Main Article: Dragon God Legacy

The Primordial Azure Dragon left his legacy on Blue Pole Star because Blue Pole Star the seemingly insignificant planet was the first star the Evil God ever created and the Dragon God was one of the few beings on good terms with him.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 314

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