The Primordial Profound Ark is a mysterious Profound Ark the history is which is still currently unknown, but what is known is that it was used by the Sword Spirit God Clan to travel through dimensions in search of the Sky Poison Pearl.

It has the ability to instantly teleport people in and out of the ark and has the ability to warp space to instantly travel thousands of kilometers[1].

The Primordial Profound Ark was the one that the Evil God bestowed upon the Sword Spirit God Clan that could change its independent space and could travel through dimensions. It was made by the Evil God using the World Piercer.

About Edit

The interior of the Ark had formed its own world, and that the internal world was much bigger than the ark’s outer appearance. The profound ark’s interior does indeed have an internal world, but it can also change size at will. And no matter how the exterior changes, the interior world is not affected in the least. The Primordial Profound Ark itself is a rare and unparalleled dimensional treasure, that has it own spatial laws. Only a True God with the strongest ability to control dimensional power would be able to create such a profound ark.

An enormous profound ark that appears within the sky of the Divine Phoenix Empire. Its doors open for twenty-four hours. After the twenty-four hours there will be spatial fluctuations that will automatically teleport everyone out, unless they are surrounded by or inside something. If someone is trapped inside the ark they will be exposed to spatial turbulence that not even a high-level Monarch can withstand for three hundred breaths of time. There is said to be many treasures inside but none one so far has found any. Everything inside of it is several times harder than normal (i.e normal rocks can't even be broke with the full power of an Overlord)

The current profound ark has been shrunk down and sealed, since it currently has no power to move or to support its internal dimension. At first the only way to power the ark was by feeding Hong'er, but after reading through Yun Che's memories, the Golden Crow says Yun Che can use the Jade of the Nine Suns as fuel for the Primordial Ark, allowing him to travel between continents at will.

Owners Edit


  • Primary Control - Hong'er; can be used as a power source
  • Secondary Control - Yun Che


Locations Edit

  • Ancient Fortress - A gigantic fortress that you cant even see the edge of it from top to bottom; it moves around the Ark by itself, not staying in one place.

Destinations Edit

Its main purpose is to travel everywhere in search of the Sky Poison Pearl to cure a devilish-poison. So it was set to relentlessly travel through a set cycle of dimensions to repeat endlessly with each cycle lasting three hundred years.

Energy Requirements Edit

The energy required by the Primordial Profound Ark to travel through the God Realm was exceedingly great. Back then in the God Burying Inferno, although it could be considered creating a miracle, the profound ark had used up half of the energy of the Vermilion Bird Jade just to cover the short distance of one hundred fifty kilometers.[2]

In the lower realm, not only did the profound ark needed far less energy to travel one hundred fifty kilometers in an instant, it was also an absolute means to safely escape when required. But in the God Realm, the ability of the profound ark didn’t amount to much.[2]