Prison God Sirius’ Tome is the strongest heavy sword Sword Art in this world; cultivating it will allow one to exhibit the superiority and strength of the heavy sword to the greatest extent.

The art’s fundamental stage covers how to wield a heavy sword, the advantages and disadvantages in using a heavy sword, and the way to maximize the advantages while minimizing the disadvantages. Only when you’re completely at home with the fundamental stage can you say that you are truly able to, and completely wield the heavy sword.

Only Jasmines Big Brother and she herself have seen the Prison God Sirius’ Tome. Which out of curiosity flipped through it and after an entire year, she unintentionally comprehended the art’s fundamental stage and Sirius’ first sword style.

She only knows the art’s fundamental stage and the first sword style but doesn't know what comes after that, as her big brother always carried the Prison God Sirius’ Tome on him. And after he passed away, the Prison God Sirius’ Tome should have also disappeared from the world with him. Meaning that Yun Che is perhaps the last inheritor.

Even though Jasmine couldn't pass down the complete formula she has watched her brother practice the heavy sword on multiple occasions, which she passed down some memories of her watching her brother using later stages of Prison God Sirius' Tome to Yun Che to see if he could comprehend the next stage of the Profound Art.

Users Edit

  • Sky Wolf Sirius - Primordial Divine Beast
  • Jasmine's Brother
  • Jasmine — Unintentionally comprehended the fundamentals and the first sword style
  • Yun Che
  • Cai Zhi — probably, because she is a new Sirius star god (according to Yu Luo words)

Sword Styles Edit

  1. Sky Wolf Slash

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