The Currency in the universe of Against the Gods.

Blue Pole Star Edit

Currency in the story initially came in the form of profound coins.

  • Yellow Profound Coin
  • Cyan Profound Coin = 100 Yellow Profound Coins
  • Purple Profound Coin = 100 Cyan Profound Coins

Profound Sky Continent’s average household’s annual income is about 30000 Yellow Profound Coin, or 3 Purple Profound Coins. Large amounts are stored in Profound Currency Cards[1].

Later in the story, currency was based on the amount of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal and Purple Veined Divine Crystal.

Realm of the Gods Edit

Currency in the Realm of the Gods includes purple profound stone, purple profound crystal, and purple profound jade.[2]

  • Purple Profound Stone
  • Purple Profound Crystal = 1000 Purple Profound Stones
  • Purple Profound Jade = 1000 Purple Profound Crystals


  1. Purple stones are called Purple Veined Heaven Crystals and purple crystals are called Purple Veined Divine Crystals in the Profound Sky Continent.
  2. One Purple Profound Stone weighs fifty grams.


  • Yun Che robbed Xiao Sect 10 million of purple profound coins[3]
  • Yun Che swindled the Great Realm King of the Darkya Realm Six Billion Purple Profound Stones.