The Profound Sky Continent is one of the three continents of the Blue Pole Star and the continent that story takes place in. It has seven major nations with the Divine Phoenix Empire being the biggest and most powerful. Other than the seven nations there is also the Four Great Sacred Grounds that are more powerful than any of the seven nations.

Locations Edit

Blue Wind Empire Edit

  • Blue Wind Imperial City - Home of the Blue Wind Imperial family
    • Moon Embracing Palace - Cang Yue's place
  • Snow Region of Extreme Ice - located in the extreme north of the Blue Wind Empire, its also where Frozen Cloud Asgard is located
  • Floating Cloud City - The city where both Yun Che and Xia Qingyue are from
    • Reflection Gorge - Mountain near Xiao Clan, used for a prison
  • Cyan Forest Town - A city between Floating Cloud City and New Moon City
  • Scarlet Mountain - Near Cyan Forest Town
  • New Moon City
    • South Moon Mountain - Where an branch sect of the Xiao Clan resides
    • Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range - Where Yun Che got the Fire Evil God Seed
    • New Moon Profound Palace - Place Yun Che meet Cang Yue
  • Sout Moon Mountain - Owned by a branch sect from the Xiao Sect
  • Heaven Basin Secret Realm - Reward for the top ten sects of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament.
  • Wasteland of Death - Where Yun Che found the Azure Dragon God Trial grounds.

Divine Phoenix Empire Edit

  • Divine Phoenix City
  • Phoenix Mountain Range - a place for Divine Phoenix Sect disciples to train. Has the Great Phoenix Formation that only people with the Phoenix bloodline can enter
  • Absolute Phoenix Cliff - South of Phoenix Perching Valley
  • Phoenix Perching Valley - the place where Feng Xue'er stays
  • Primordial Profound Ark - a ship that appears above the Divine Phoenix Empire
  • Phoenix Realm - where the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is held

Black Fiend Nation Edit

  • Land of Enormity

Sunflower Dew Nation Edit

Grand Asura Nation Edit

Divine Incense Nation Edit

Navy Tide Nation Edit

Four Great Sacred Grounds Edit

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