Weapons that cultivators use in battle. The profound weapons have different types and they are levelled the strength the weapon has.

Level Edit

Ranks of the profound weapons are similar to cultivation ranks from:

  1. Elementary Profound
  2. Nascent Profound
  3. True Profound
  4. Spirit Profound
  5. Earth Profound
  6. Sky Profound
  7. Emperor Profound
  8. Tyrant Profound
  9. Sovereign Profound

known profound weapons Edit

  • Overlord's Colossal Sword - Earth Profound Weapon
  • Piercing Cloud - True Profound Tool 
  • Dragon Fault - Emperor Profound level heavy sword 
  • Galloping Lightning - Emperor Profound level long sword
  • Fiend Dragon Solar Whip - Tyrant Profound level Whip
  • Obsidian Devils Sword - Uknown level
  • Heavenly Sin Divine Sword - Sovereign Profound level sword
  • Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword - ancestor to all swords and weapons

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