The Purple Cloud Art is the core Profound Art of the Yun Family. It is a lightning attribute profound art and the profound energy released is purple colored. Stronger profound strength causes a deeper purple color. Purple is the revered color of the Yun Family also due to the belief that the highest limit of the profound handle is purple colored.

The Yun family contains an ancestral monument which sends purple energy into the heavens and blanketing nearby areas of Demon Imperial City with purple lightning energy. All disciples of the Yun family will release their maximum profound strength toward the ancestral monument on their birthday to maintain the eternal purple radiance of the monument.

It would only turn red when blood essence was used, but anyone can release the stronger red lightning if their understanding of lightning laws is sufficient enough. Although, the energy consumption to use red lightning is higher as well.

Stages Edit

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Thundercloud of Extermination - When uses a large stretch of storm clouds gather in the air. (Has not been seen in battle so the move most likely has more to it). Yun Che is on that stage.

Moves Edit

  • Purple Fiend Lightning Handle
    • Starts as a lump of lightning profound energy amassed on the body then explodes causing lightning and thunder pythons to appear
  • Sudden Lightning Sword - One of the strongest killing moves of the Purple Cloud Art
  • Wrapping Lightning Art - Toughest skill
    • Draws away profound powers like gently flowing water, also scatters profound strength getting ready to be used
  • Purple Cloud Tribulation Order
    • Fires a purple lightning bolt into the sky as a command to summon all of the Yun family during extreme emergencies. Seemingly only used by the Patriarch