Qin Wuyou is originally one of the elders of the Imperial Capital’s Profound Palace.

Appearance Edit

He looked to be about sixty in age; his face held an expression of a gentle and unflustered calm, and a deep wisdom could be seen in his clear eyes. He emanated an extraordinary aura.[1]

Personality Edit

Calm and humble.

Background Edit

One of the elders of the Imperial Capital's Profound Palace; he was specially assigned to New Moon Profound Palace as the new Palace Chief. His power and influence in New Moon City is enough that he can offset the Xiao Sect branch sect by himself.[2]

History Edit

He first appeared at his New Palace Chief Ceremony, receiving all the guests.[1]

He was directed by Cang Yue to protect Yun Che after Yun Che offended the Xiao Sect branch sect.[3]