Qing Zheng is the lord of the second largest city of the Illusory Demon Realm Sky Demon Region. He is 1,400 years old and has served under three generations of Demon Emperors, garnering him respect from everyone, including the Demon Emperor.

Personality Edit

His temperament is righteous.

Background Edit

Over one thousand years ago he became the region lord of Sky Demon Region.

One hundred years ago he was lied to by a Guardian Family patriarch to garner the entire support of Sky Demon Region to condemn the Demon King, Yun Canghai and force the Little Demon Empress to punish the Yun Family for their wrongdoings.

History Edit

When Yun Che was condemning the seven Guardian Families and ordered them to kneel before Yun Canghais corpse, he stood out while no one else was and kneeled before Yun Canghai and apologized for being blinded and condemning his name as a sinner.[1]


  1. Chapter 581

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