The Realm of the Gods is also known as the Divine Realm. In the Primordial Era, the Gods dwelled there. That is an incomparably enormous plane, ten thousand times greater than the Profound Sky Continent. Afterwards, the Gods fell, but the Divine Realm didn’t grow empty because of this. It became filled with countless humans, who took over this world that was formerly of the Gods and who searched for and fought over all the things which the Gods left behind… Relics, weapons, spiritual medicines, lineages, profound arts, and more. Afterwards, by relying on the divine relics that they found, they erected increasingly large and powerful clans, forces, lands, and even miniature worlds.

Known Realms Edit

  • Star God Realm
    • Jasmine
  • Moon God Realm
  • Brahma Emperor Realm
  • Flame God Realm
  • Cold Star Realm
  • Snow Song Realm

Trivia Edit

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