Ru Xiaoya is the wife of Hua Minghai.

Appearance Edit

While poisoned, she was thin and frail, her face was pale in color, her eyes were half opened with a misty gaze of on that could not see anything. On her forehead was a deep dark blue mark of the cold poison.[1]

After she was cured, she is elegant and gentle-looking. Her eyes shone with a bright and clear light.[2]

Personality Edit

She is very gracious and kind. She loves her husband and is respectful to Yun Che for saving her.[2]

Plotline Edit

She was poisoned by the same cold poison from Sun Moon Divine Hall that Yun Che's parents were poisoned with. She became extremely weak and beridden. Hua Minghai had been stealing medicine to help prolong her life, which was close to ending until Hua Minghai met Yun Che, who cured the poison when she was very close to dying.[3]