Audacious humans, to actually have the impertinence to dare offend and breach into this king’s territory!
Scarlet Dragon to Fen Moli[1]

The Scarlet Dragon (Also known as Flame Dragon) was the overlord of the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range.

Appearance Edit

With a height that reached a hundred feet and an entire body scarlet-red, like red-hot steel, its enormous wings and tail lit with a blazing fire. Its two scarlet-red eyes were full of prestige, and it spoke in human speech.[1]

Personality Edit

Arrogant, smart and cunning.

History Edit

Five high level profound practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan tried to slay this dragon to obtain the fire-attribute Profound Core. They were all at the Sky Profound Realm and one was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm, Fen Moli. The dragon concealed its strength to that of ninth level Sky Profound when its true strength was in the Emperor Profound Realm. It easily defeated the Sky Profound Realm practitioners but was slain by Jasmine using the Star God’s Brilliant Annihilating Slash.[2] The slain dragon's body weighed at least hundreds of tons. The core was a round bead that was around one third the size of a human palm. They were all taken by Yun Che and stored in the Sky Poison Pearl's storage space.[3]

Skills Edit

Trivia Edit

  • An Emperor Profound core is extremely valuable. The entire value of the Black Moon Merchant Guild branch at New Moon City would only be worth one fifth of the value of the core.[4]