The most supreme treasures in the universe, with each having their own unique capabilities. Created at the start of the universe.

Almost each Heavenly Profound Treasure have another of the Heavenly Profound Treasure to complement themselve.

Ranking Edit

  1. Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword
    • Last Location : Well of Reincarnation
    • First Owner: Mo E (the sword never acknowledged him as its master)
    • Former Owner : Dragon God Clan
  2. Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Calamities
  3. Primordial Seal of Life & Death
    • First Owner: Li Suo
    • Location: Unknown
    • Current Owner: Unknown
  4. Heavenly Time Pearl
    • First Owner Xi Ke
    • Current Owner: King of the Heavenly Time Realm (?)
  5. Heavenly Poison Pearl
  6. Universal Thorn
    • First Owner: Unknown
    • Former Owner: Unknown
  7. Mirror of Samsara

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