The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is a tournament held by the Divine Phoenix Empire in Divine Phoenix City. It is a tournament meant for the genius among the younger generation of the Seven Nations of the Profound Sky Continent to fight and show their superiority. Generally speaking, the Divine Phoenix Empire strength could dominate the other six together. Five nations in the middle were relatively close to each other in terms of profound strength while Blue Wind Empire's strength was pitifully low.


The rules of the team battles are basically the same as individual battles, and are similarly round robin. Every nation will battle with everyone from another nation and will advance through the ranking tournament through wins. Then, the two victorious nations will then fight one another to advance, winner will be placed in front. In order to cut down the tournament schedule and lighten the consumption of every nation’s participating profound practitioners. With Divine Phoenix Empire not participating in the round robin matches. The final victor of the matches will then be able to fight our Divine Phoenix Sect’s profound practitioners. If they win, they will then be the champion. In this way, within the round robin matches, every nation’s profound practitioners would only be required to fight five matches, for a total of sixteen matches.

Age Restriction Edit

In all previous sessions of Ranking Tournaments, the participating profound practitioner’s age cannot be more than twenty five years old. If there are cases of excess age, the right to participate will be immediately taken back


Blue Wind Empire Edit

Name Age Profound Strength
Yun Che

Navy Tide NationEdit

Name Age Profound Strength
Feng Wuhui Twenty three Sky Profound Realm level Eight
Han Ruyu Twenty three Emperor Profound Realm level Two
Eight Unknown individuals Varies Six Late Stage Sky Profound Realm and Two Half-step Emperor Profound Realm

Black Fiend NationEdit

Name Age Profound Strength
Wu Huihong
Lü Haoyan

Divine Phoenix EmpireEdit

Information on Chapter 431 and 432


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