Sikong Han is the Great Elder of the New Moon Profound Palace, appointed by the Imperial Family. He is an upright individual with a very high standing in New Moon City.[1]

Appearance Edit

He looks to be forty something years old, he wears a dark colored robe.[2]

Background Edit

His position is second only to the three Palace Chiefs. In the past, on a trip to Floating Cloud City with his twelve years old son, and one of his enemies ambushed them. At that time, Yun Che's grandfather Xiao Lie appeared and saved his sons life.

History Edit

Because Yun Che's grandfather helped save his son he helped Yun Che get into the New Moon Profound Palace.[3]

In the New Palace Chief Ceremony, he was worried about Yun Che so he gazed at Cang Yue hinting her so she can stop Yun Che from fighting against Lu Zhannan.[4]