Slave Imprints are as the name suggest, imprints used to enslave a person. If a person was implanted with a slave imprint in their heart and soul, then they would have to obey to the person who gave them the slave imprint no matter what, and could never disobey any commands. Even if the command was for him to die, he would go die without any hesitation. To the point where there wouldn’t even be any trace of resistance or rebellious awareness. It would be equal to being the slave and puppet of the other party forever.

Once the slave imprint was planted, it was almost impossible for it to be removed. Even if the person who imprinted the slave imprint died, the person who got imprinted with the slave imprint would still remember the their mission and serve loyally for their whole life.

In the law of the Illusory Demon Realm , the “slave imprint” was strictly prohibited. Even the largest family absolutely could not plant a slave imprint on the most inferior servant. At the same time, planting a “slave imprint” not only consumed a great amount of mental power, but it also had an extremely low success rate.

If one wants to successfully plant a slave imprint, usually the other party must be fully willing, and cannot struggle at all.[1]