The Snow Song Realm is a humongous astral plane enveloped in ice and snow throughout the ancient times. Because it’s a place enveloped in extreme amounts of yin energy, ninety percent of the residents are women.

History Edit

Snow Song Realm took disciples from the outside (Females preferably), including people from the lower realms because it's hard for a man to make a woman pregnant due to the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon.

Reproduction is the weakest spot of the Snow Song Realm. It is even more so in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. The most direct consequence is the rapid decrease every generation in the numbers of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s disciples.

The Divine Ice Phoenix Sect holds a very high position in the Snow Song Realm, so high that it is indispensable. In other star realms, great forces usually stand in great numbers. Several or even sometimes dozens of sects would rule and lead a star realm altogether. But the Snow Song Realm is ruled by only the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and they're unparalled. If Divine Ice Phoenix Sect decays just like this, then the position of the Snow Song Realm in the Realm of the Gods will also decrease rapidly. Perhaps one day, it would become a lower star realm.

Because of this, Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was forced to loosen their sect rules and absorb a large number of gifted disciples. Later on, even those from the lower realms, if they are qualified and pass the examinations, can also join the sect.

Locations Edit