The Star God’s Broken Shadow (星神碎影) it's a Star God technique that only the Twelve Star Gods of the Star God Realm can cultivate. The only people who are able to teach how to use Star God’s Broken Shadow are the twelve star gods.

A profound movement skill that Jasmine taught to Yun Che. It was the first Profound Skill she taught to him.

About the SkillEdit

  • If Star God’s Broken Shadow is put to use, your speed will instantaneously explode and become so fast that even your afterimage wouldn’t have enough time to fade away.
  • If you are able to master the primary stage of Star God Broken Shadow, then you wouldn’t lose when facing against two opponents of the same rank.
  • If you can achieve the pinnacle of this skill, even if the opponents are over three or five levels higher than you, they still wouldn’t be able to easily defeat you.

Stages Edit

Each stage leaves an extra afterimage that is nearly impossible to distinguish between real and fake.

  • First Stage - One afterimage
  • Second Stage - Two afterimages
  • Third Stage - Three afterimages
  • Fourth Stage - Four afterimages
  • Fifth Stage - Five afterimages; Yun Che's current level
  • Sixth Stage - Six afterimages; Jasmine's current level
  • Seventh Stage - Seven afterimages
  • Eighth Stage - Eight afterimages