Su Ling'er (苏苓儿) also known as Su Ling or Ling'er is a woman that was from Yun Che's second life on the Azure Cloud Continent, while also being his first love. While when she was still alive he only ever used and never paid any attention to her, and only until her death did he realize how much he loved and depended on her. All of that made him fell indebted to her for taking her love for granted.

Later when Yun Che was sent to the Azure Cloud Continent by the Evil God, we see a young 10 year old Su Ling'er. Jasmine explained that it was due to the Mirror of Samsaras power.

The 10 year old Su Ling'er, that resulted from the tampering of the Mirror of Samsara.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit


Su Ling'er is the Princess of the Grandwake Clan in the Azure Cloud Continent.

History Edit

While in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm after Yun Che finds the water Evil God Seed, the Evil God left a Soul Imprint on it and in order to save Yun Che from the Tyrant Profound Beast the Evil God brought him to the Azure Cloud Continent, where he ran into a ten year old Su Ling'er.

Needs what happened in between

The whole time Yun Che thought it was an illusion but later he found out from Jasmine that is was all real and that the time on the Azure Cloud Continent is flowing in reverse, because of the after effects of the Mirror of Samsara being used.

The original Su Ling'er from Yun Che's second life on the Azure Cloud Continent.

Appearance Edit

She looked to be around twenty-three to twenty-four, yet she had the delicate and charming air of a fifteen or sixteen year old teenage girl. She was as quiet and charming as a hibiscus under the glowing moon. She was garbed in rough grey garments, but they were unable to tamp down her star-like and eye-catching beautiful disposition; it was as if they were rain on a mountain side. Her eyes were especially so. They were clearer than the purest of crystals, beautiful enough to make the rest of the world lose their color in comparison. [1]

Personality Edit

She is a very strong willed person as seen how she took care of Yun Che and loved him no matter what even though she knew he would never reciprocate her feelings.


During this life not much was known about her life before meeting Yun Che as she was either never willing to talk about it or Yun Che was never interested in listening. (It is referred from when Yun Che met the child Su Ling'er that something big happened to her clan but she was able to escape.)

History Edit

She met Yun Che and ended up falling in love with with him, but when they met, his master had already been killed so he was so caught up in his revenge and hatred that he never really paid any attention to her, only using her for is desire and to get rid of his stress. With him using her she still stayed with and took care of him.

She eventually got killed by someone and upon her death he realized how much he loved her and he needed her in his life. She never told him who her killer was because she knew that he would do anything to try and avenge her and she didn't want that.


  1. Chapter 111

Abilities Edit

None of her abilities have been shown, for not much about her is known during Yun Ches second life, and during his third life she was only 10 years old, but it can be assumed that she at least has some sort of cultivation as she is from a pretty well off clan.


  • She loves bamboo.
    • During Yun Che's second life the house that they both lived in together was made out of bamboo
    • When Yun Che was sent over to Azure Cloud Continent by the Evil God soul fragment and met a young Su Ling'Er he built a bamboo house with her in a bamboo forest.

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