Never let down the girl that is willing to do anything for you again… and never give up on the girl that you are willing to do anything for. If Big Brother Yun Che’s heart is incomplete because of some regret, then my heart will also be incomplete forever.
— Su Ling'er tells Yun Che to go after Jasmine[1]

Su Ling'er (苏苓儿) also known as Su Ling or Ling'er is a woman that Yun Che first met during his second life on the Azure Cloud Continent. She was two years younger than Yun Che and was his first lover but died to unknown circumstances. Yun Che's reincarnation through the Mirror of Samsara affected time and space in the Azure Cloud Continent and resulted in a second Su Ling'er that was 6 years younger than Yun Che in his third life. The second Su Ling'er, also by the influence of the Mirror of Samsara, was able to merge with the memories of the first Su Ling'er and thus becoming one. She eventually reunites with Yun Che in his third life and becomes his fiancee.

The main page is dedicated to the second Su Linger's life as there is very little detail in the story about the first Su Ling'er.

Appearance Edit

Child Edit

Her little face was snow-white and refined, her make-up made her look even more beautiful and cute, and her pair of pupils sparkled like the stars in the night sky. It could be expected that when she grew up, she would definitely be a beauty at a catastrophic level.

Woman Edit

She looked to be around twenty-three to twenty-four, yet she had the delicate and charming air of a fifteen or sixteen year old teenage girl. She was as quiet and charming as a hibiscus under the glowing moon. She was garbed in rough grey garments, but they were unable to tamp down her star-like and eye-catching beautiful disposition; it was as if they were rain on a mountain side. Her eyes were especially so. They were clearer than the purest of crystals, beautiful enough to make the rest of the world lose their color in comparison.

Personality Edit

Child Edit

Cute and naive

Woman Edit

Same as the past life (Since she had her memories from her past life with Yun Che, her personality became more like her past self); she is a very strong willed person.


Su Ling'er is the Princess of the Grandwake Clan in the Azure Cloud Continent.

History Edit

Su Ling'er, when she is 10 years old, meets Yun Che by chance when she is trying to flee from kidnappers from Blackwood Stronghold. Yun Che was sent to the Azure Cloud Continent temporarily by the Evil God's Soul Imprint left in the Evil God's water seed.[2] She was very glad at Yun Che for saving her and developed an instant liking for him.[3] She invited Yun Che and also Xia Qingyue to her Grandwake Clan. She mysteriously felt a very close connection to Yun Che and immediately liked him. To solve the problem of a clan rebellion, Yun Che asked Su Hengshan to betroth Su Ling'er to him. Her father agreed and she was also very happy.[4] She was able to spend a short time with Yun Che and build a bamboo house just like her previous life.[5] When Yun Che go back to the Profound Sky Continent he left her most of his medicine, food, and the Dragonscale Armor.[6]


  • She loves bamboo.
    • During Yun Che's second life the house that they both lived in together was made out of bamboo
    • When Yun Che was sent over to Azure Cloud Continent by the Evil God soul fragment and met a young Su Ling'er he built a bamboo house with her in a bamboo forest.
  • The only persons who knows about Yun Che's second life is Ling'er and Jasmine.



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