'Also, I will give you an hour to quickly prepare the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, I want to… personally pay a visit to this lowly Blue Wind territory!'
— Ye Xinghan after seeing Yun Che is alive

Sudden Crisis is the 666th chapter of Against the Gods.

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The disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard are finally able to leave Frozen End Divine Hall after six months of being there, while Yun Ches attention comes onto Ye Qingshen who he is about to kill, unitl Jasmine stops him and tells that he has a Soul Imprint on him and that if he where to kill him the person who put the soul imprint on them which would reveal that he has a profound handle which would allow them chase after Yun Che under the guise of killing a 'Demon', and Yun Che asks why she didn't tell him sooner to which she said he was being reckless.

She told Yun Che to use his Profound Handle to erase the Soul Imprint before killing him. Since Ye Xinghan already knows that Yun Che is still alive and has monstrous strength he knows that a storm is heading his way and Jasmine advises him to pack them up into the Primordial Profound Ark and escape, to which Yun Che said no to.

Jasmine tells him that with his current strength that he is no match for Sun Moon Divine Hall by himself and the only was he could contend with them is if he asked the Little Demon Empress for help, but Yun Che said no to that as well because of his pride and that he didn't want to exhaust the three years she has left.

Jasmine asks how Yun Che is going to raise the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples strength and she guesses with Overlord Pellets and he confirms. He explains how he can make them all and get the ingredients from Black Moon Merchant Guild. While thinking of them it reminds him of how three years ago he asked them to search for Chu Yuechan wondering if they had any results.

Ye Xinghan sees they scene of Yun Che killing his men and gets ready to set off to Frozen Cloud Asgard himself.

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