A clan of the Celestial Spirit race in the Realm of the Gods. They innately possess energy of heaven and earth, but in order to reach greater strengths they still need to cultivate. All of them have the ability to transform into swords. Their sword forms are light and agile unlike Hong'er which is a heavy sword.

Devil Slayer—this was the name of the swords the Sword Spirit God Clan transformed into. Devil Slayer Swords were the terror of many devils. When the war between the gods and devils began, the Sword Spirit God Clan was the first to be annihilated by the devil race.

The Primordial Profound Ark was the one that the Evil God bestowed upon the Sword Spirit God Clan that could change its independent space and could travel through dimensions. It was made by the Evil God using the World Piercer.

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King Edit

  • Unknown Name - Picked up Hong'er by accident. (Deceased) He can transform into a sword called the Holy Spirit Devil Slayer Sword which possessed a bright sword light.

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