The Twelve Guardian Families are the original families that aided the ancestor of the Illusory Demon Royal Family to unite the Illusory Demon Realm. Their role is to protect the members of the royal family and serve the empire. They hold the strongest profound strength in the continent behind the royal family. The royal family and the twelve families together has strength on par with the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

Since the first demon emperor came to power with the help of the Twelve Guardian Families, the Yun Family with the power of the Profound Handle was always ranked first. Yun Family Patriarchs also had exceptional relationships with the Demon Emperors. Some of the other families were always envious of the status of the Yun Family, especially the Helian Family which was ranked second. After Yun Canghai led ten Yun Family Grand Elders to their death and lost the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the other families led by the Helian Family took this opportunity to suppress the Yun Family until it was the weakest[1].

The Twelve Families Edit

  1. Yun Family
  2. Mu Family - Has an excellent relationship with the Yun Family
  3. Su Family - On good terms with the Yun Family
  4. Elf Clan - Also called 'Under Heaven Family' and usually a neutral family
  5. Yan Family
  6. Xiao Family
  7. Jiufang Family - Strong ties with the Helian Family
  8. Lin Family
  9. Nangong Family
  10. Chiyang Family
  11. Bai Family
  12. Helian Family


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