The Illusory Demon Realm is one of the three continents of the Blue Pole Star. It is currently being ruled by the Demon Emperor Family with the head being Huan Caiyi and her husband Yun Che. She took the throne after the death of the Demon Emperor.

It has twelve large families that protect the Demon Emperor Family. Along with several Duke Palaces that are from when the Demon Emperor has a child not from the Demon Empress. Although they have a relatively high status they are not allowed to vie for the position of Demon Emperor.

The Illusory Demon Royal Family’s ancestor received the Golden Crow Legacy making him unbeatable, which made all the clans decide on him becoming the first Emperor of the Illusory Demon Realm. Even though the Golden Crow bloodline is an inheritance only the Demon Emperor is capable of using the actual power of the Golden Crow as over the many generations the bloodline has thinned, only allowing them to use slightly superior flames.

Huan Family

Also known as the Demon Emperor Family; Illusory Demon Royal Family;

The Huan Family is the royal family of the Illusory Demon Realm. Which never changes unless someone over throws them as they never marry outside of their family.

Each generation of Demon Emperor and Demon Empress will give brith to a son and daughter, and those son and daughter will become the next generation Demon Emperor and Demon Empress as they will have the most pure and complete Demon Emperor bloodline, and it is a basic principle that the bloodline can never be broken.

About the Demon Emperor

The Demon Emperor can have multiple wives, but the Demon Empress was set ahead of time for him to marry. As for the children that were born by other wives, they would be bestowed the title of Duke, and can intermarry with other families, but can never inherit the position of the Emperor. Duke Hui Ye, and his father Duke Huai, are Dukes who have the closest relationship with the Demon Emperor’s bloodline. However, even though that is so, the Demon Emperor’s bloodline in their veins are just too light.

Hundred Year Reign Ceremony

A ceremony held for the ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm for ruling for 100 years. At the Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony, the top forces and leaders from each the major regions in Illusory Demon Realm were invited, totaling a total of one hundred thousand people.

Set Up

  • The top forces and leaders but they could only bring a maximum of three people.
  • Even those with top skills cannot have more than ten people.
  • The Twelve Guardian Families, and each major Duke Palace can bring One Hundred people.


  • The Dukes that guard each of the cities will report anything of importance to the Demon Emperor.
  • Competition between the younger generation. (the previous competition was a bit different than usual as Duke Huai used it in order to show his dominance over Huan Caiyi, but was cock-blocked by Yun Che)

Table for the competition between the younger generation

Battle Fighters Conclusion Faction Reference
First Mu Hengyi vs Duke Zihuan Instant defeat of Mu Hengyi Duke Huai C. 547
Second Wen Ji vs Duke Zihuan Loss of Wen Ji Duke Huai C. 548
Third Zi Feng vs Duke Zihuan Loss of Zi Feng Duke Huai C. 548
Fourth Cheng Yang vs Duke Zihuan Loss of Cheng Yang Duke Huai C. 548
Fifth Yan Chengkong vs Duke Zihuan Tie Neither C. 549
Sixth Yong Yi vs Wen Bo Loss of Yong Yi Duke Huai C. 550
Seventh Unknown Duke vs Wen Bo Loss of Wen Bo Demon Empress C. 550
Eighth He Song vs Lin Hanchuan Win of Lin Hanchuan Duke Huai C. 550
Ninth Jia Rong vsthe Lin Hanchuan Loss of Jia Rong Duke Huai C. 550
Tenth Ying Nan vs Lin Hanchuan Loss of Lin Hanchuan Demon Empress C. 550
Eleventh Ying Nan vs Nangong Yan Loss of Nangong Yan Demon Empress C. 550
Twelfth Ying Nan vs Bai Jie Loss of Ying Nan Duke Huai C. 550
Thirteenth Number Six Under Heaven vs Bai Jie Loss of Number Six Under Heaven Duke Huai C. 550
Fourteenth Su Zhizhan vs Bai Jie Loss of Bai Jie Demon Empress C. 550
Fifteenth Su Zhizhan vs Helian Ba Loss of Helian Ba Demon Empress C. 551 (beginning) - C. 552 (conclusion)
Sixteenth Su Zhizhan vs Jiufang Yu Loss of Su Zhizhan Duke Huai C. 552
Seventeenth Yun Che vs Jiufang Yu Crippling of Jiufang Yu Demon Empress C. 554
Eighteenth Yun Che vs Xiao Donglai Loss of Xiao Donglai Demon Empress C. 555 (beginning) - C. 556 (conclusion)
Nineteenth Yun Che vs Chiyang Yanwu Humiliation of Chiyang Yanwu Demon Empress C. 557 (beginning) - C. 558 (conclusion)
Twentieth Yun Che vs Hui Ye Loss of Hui Ye Demon Empress C. 560 (beginning) - C. 563 (conclusion)
Twenty-First Yun Che vs Yuan Que Loss of Yuan Que Demon Empress C. 564 (beginning) - C. 566 (conclusion)
Twenty-Second Yun Che vs Hui Ran Loss of Hui Ran Demon Empress C. 567 (beginning) - C. 568 (conclusion)


A new Demon Emperor will succeed the Throne every thousand years as that is when the Golden Crow’s Holy Land can be entered. If any ruler doesn't go into the Golden Crown's Holy Land they wont be considered a true Demon Emperor (i.e they are considered Little Demon Emperor). Whats needed to enter is the Demon Emperor’s Seal which has been lost for 100 years, until it was brought back by during the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony.


Demon Empress

  • Huan Caiyi (aka Little Demon Empress) - Twelfth Ruler; Succeeded after the death of the Little Demon Emperor

Demon Emperor

  • Yun Che - Married into the Huan Family

Past Demon Emperors

  • Demon Emperor (deceased) - Emperor before the Little Demon Emperor.
  • Little Demon Emperor (deceased) - Succeeded after the death of the Demon Emperor; married Huan Caiyi; Younger brother of Huan Caiyi
  • Neon Sparrow Demon (deceased) - First Emperor; First to receive the Golden Crow Legacy

Duke Palaces

Also called the Royal Clan

There are a total of one hundred and three Dukes apart of the Royal Family. The Royal Family consist of the impure bloodline of the Demon Emperor Family. (i.e the children from the concubines of the Demon Emperor)[1]

  1. Duke Huai Palace - Was the most powerful Duke
  2. Duke Zhong Palace - Ally of Duke Huai Palace
  3. Duke Xiang - Most likely allied with Duke Huai as he brought up that the Yun Family should be kicked out
  4. Unnamed Elderly Duke - Ally of Duke Huai
  5. Duke Chu - Unknown alliance

Illusory Demon Seven Scions

The seven strongest members of the Illusory Demon Royal Family's younger generation. Other than the Little Demon Empress their bloodline is the purest remaining of the Illusory Demon bloodline.

  1. Hui Ran - Older brother of Hui Ye
  2. Yuan Que
  3. Hui Ye

Twelve Guardian Families

The twelve guardian families are the families that protect the Demon Emperor Family and their precious treasures. After Duke Huai Palaces rebellion was stopped all allies of Duke Huai were imprinted with the Slave Imprint being forever loyal to the Demon Emperor Family.

Allies of Demon Emperor Family

  1. Yun Family - Was weak due to Yun Qinghongs injury, but after he was healed they arose once again
  2. Mu Family - Has an excellent relationship with the Yun Family
  3. Su Family - On good terms with the Yun Family
  4. Under Heaven Family
  5. Yan Family
  6. Xiao Family
  7. Jiufang Family - Strong ties with the Helian Fmaily
  8. Lin Family
  9. Nangong Family
  10. Chiyang Family
  11. Bai Family
  12. Helian Family - Was ahead of the Yun Family but after they defected to Duke Huai Palace their power dropped

Other Powers

These powers consist of the people who guard or in control of the cities of the Illusory Demon Realm.


  • Humans, demons, and beasts - amass a total of 90% of the population
  • Fairies - amass the other 10% of the population


Demon Imperial City


  • Demon Imperial Hall - Size is almost as big as the Yun Family; It is where the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony is held.
  • Demon Imperial Palace






Northern Ocean Domain

  • Northern Sky Mountain

Profound Demon City

Five Way Domain

Sky Demon Region

South Sun City

Yellow Wind Region

North River Region


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