Among the twelve Star Gods, the Heavenly Chief has the disposition of a king, the Heavenly Wolf is the strongest, and the Heavenly Slaughter is the evilest, feared by all
— Spirit talking about the big three Star Gods
The Twelve Star Gods are a group of Primordial True Gods. They have some form of enmity with the 'Moon Gods'. The twelve star gods left behind particularly strong legacies that allow people to quickly enter the Divine Master Realm. After the death of True Gods, these legacies were collected in the Star God Realm causing it to become a King Realm.

So far not too much is known about the Star Gods and their powers. The power of the Star Gods, depending on the Star God, can change a person's mindset.

Star Gods Edit

  1. Heavenly Chief Star God (Wisest)
  2. Heavenly Origin Star God
  3. Heavenly Poison Star God
  4. Heavenly Aster Star God
  5. Heavenly Demon Star God
  6. Heavenly Slaughter Star God (Evilest)
  7. Heavenly Wolf Star God (Strongest)
  8. Unknown
  9. Unknown
  10. Unknown
  11. Unknown
  12. Unknown

Inheritors Edit

  • Jasmine - Inheritance from the Heavenly Slaughter Star God.
  • Xing Juekong - Inheritance from the Heavenly Chief Star God.
  • Xing Wu - Inheritance from the Heavenly Wolf Star God.
  • Yu Luo - Inheritance from the Heavenly Poison Star God.
  • Tumi - Inheritance from the Heavenly Origin Star God.
  • Shenhu - Inheritance from the Heavenly Aster Star God.
  • Qiang Wei - Inheritance from the Heavenly Demon Star God.

Special Cases Edit

Past inheritors Edit

Profound Arts and Skills Edit