Tyrannical Emperors Divine Veins are a rare set of profound veins and to certain people a god-send because of their nature. Once veins are awoken it will take one nights time to break into the Emperor Profound Realm, or even possibly the Tyrant Profound Realm.

Requirements to awakenEdit

The way to awaken these Divine Veins are to have the heart of a tyrant and the desire to become an emperor and want to possess power so much that it outweighs all other aspirations. But if one is incapable of awakening them then they will need to put in 10 times the effort in order to break into the Nascent Profound Realm and will never break into the True Profound Realm.

Known Cases Edit

  • Xia Yuanba
    • According to Jasmines Xia Yuanbas Divine Veins are superior to the others that she has ever heard or seen. Usually when they are awoken they will either be in the Emperor Profound Realm or Tyrant Profound Realm, but currently Xia Yuanba is at the Sovereign Profound Realm and his Divine Veins have not completely awoke yet.

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