The Universe Devouring Beast existed within spatial crevices, feeding on space, occasionally devouring living creatures who traveled among such spaces. It was an extremely high leveled primordial profound beast which was few in numbers.[1]

In the entirety of the Chaos Dimension, the number of Universe Devouring Beasts would not exceed thirty. Even if a person traveled across space millions of times, he might not encounter a Universe Devouring Beast even once. But if you met one, it would mean that you had encountered great misfortune. This was because the location where they reside in is a space between dimensions, a place where it was extremely hard to release profound energy. Due to this fact, unless you were ridiculously strong, if you met a Universe Devouring Beast, your only option was to flee. However, a Universe Devouring Beast’s ability to control and interfere with spatial properties far exceeded that of other beings; it could easily cut off its targets pathways, leaving them nowhere to run. So even if the victim was not devoured by the Universe Devouring Beast, he would be engulfed and destroyed by the collapsing spatial tunnel.[2]