The first volume for Against the Gods has a total of 101 chapters including the Prologue.


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Yun Che gets transmigrated to the Profound Sky Continent from the Azure Cloud Continent after committing suicide.
    • The Sky Poison Pearl has transmigrated with Yun Che and merged with his left hand.
  • Yun Che gets married to Xia Qingyue.
  • We find out that Yun Che can give Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins, by opening all Profound Entrances.
  • Yun Che meets Jasmine.
  • It was revealed that Xia Qingyue is from Frozen Cloud Asgard.
  • Yun Che is expelled from the Xiao Clan.
  • Jasmine wakes up and saves Yun Che from the people that are chasing him; She gives him the drop of Immortal Blood from the Evil God.
  • After absorbing the drop of blood Yun Ches Profound Veins have been rebuilt into the Evil Gods Profound Veins. After he opens all of his Profound Entrances we find out what is so special about them; He has what looks like seven extra Profound Entrances but it is actually the Seven Gates.


Chapter Number Chapter Name Translation Release Date
0 Prologue April 8, 2015
1 Yun Che, Xiao Che
2 Losing Control
3 Marry Me?
4 The Wedding Procession
5 The Wedding Ceremony
6 Peerless Beauty
7 Frozen Cloud Asgard
8 The Wedding Night
9 Wife, Are You Asleep?
10 Star Concealing Grass
11 The Red Haired Girl
12 If You Weren’t My Little Aunt
13 The Dangerous Haze
14 Letter From the Xiao Sect
15 Xiao Yulong’s Probing
16 Young Master Xiao, Looking for Death
17 Would You Believe That I’m a Doctor of Miracles?
18 A Silver Needle to Release the Cold
19 Opening the Profound
20 This is Really Interesting…
21 Sharing the Same Bed
22 Upheaval (1)
23 Upheaval (2)
24 Upheaval (3)
25 Upheaval (4)
26 Upheaval (5)
27 Upheaval (6)
28 Upheaval (7)
29 Upheaval (8)
30 Upheaval (9)
31 Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies – Chu Yueli
32 The Ice Fairy Deterrent
33 Star Concealed, For the Hated Blood Sacrifice
34 Star Concealed, for the Hated Blood Sacrifice (2)
35 Birth Secret
36 My Name’s Yun Che
37 Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins
38 Peerless Sage
39 Blood Soaked Jasmine
40 Blood Soaked Jasmine (2)
41 Blood Soaked Jasmine (3)
42 Master Jasmine
43 Master Jasmine (2)
44 Immortal Blood of the Evil God
45 Rebirth of the Profound Veins
46 Evil God’s Seven Realms
47 The Boundary of Life and Death
48 Seed of the Evil God – Fire
49 Seed of the Evil God – Fire (2)
50 Seed of the Evil God – Fire (3)
51 Seed of the Evil God – Fire (4)
52 Seed of the Evil God – Fire (5)
53 Seed of the Evil God – Fire (6)
54 Jasmine’s Tears
55 A Strength That Opposes the Heavens
56 Star God’s Broken Shadow
57 New Moon City, Black Moon Merchant Guild
58 False Bravado
59 Brother-In-Law?!
60 New Moon Profound Palace, Sikong Han
61 Joining New Moon Profound Palace
62 Lan Xuero
63 Main Palace
64 The Battle That Shook the City
65 The Battle That Shook the City (2)
66 The Battle That Shook the City (3)
67 The Battle That Shook the City (4)
68 The Battle That Shook the City (5)
69 The Battle That Shook the City (6)
70 The Battle That Shook the City (7)
71 The Battle That Shook the City (8)
72 The Battle That Shook the City (9)
73 Clashing with Lu Zhannan
74 Burst!
75 Xiao Luocheng
76 I’ll Destroy You First!
77 Falling Moon Sinking Star
78 Crippled!
79 Qin Wuyou
80 Yun Che’s Intentions
81 Xiao Sect’s Visit
82 Catastrophic Disaster
83 A Period of Ten Days
84 The Only Possibility….
85 It’s Impolite to Not Return a Favor
86 Unrivaled Genius Doctor
87 Quite The Coincidence!
88 One Finger Profound Opening
89 The Eccentric God Hand
90 Heaven Piercing Medical Prowess
91 Good Grandson, You Truly Are My Good Grandson
92 The Sect’s Treasury
93 Tiger Soul
94 Extortion
95 Poison Fire Rod
96 Escape (1)
97 Escape (2)
98 Escape (3)
99 A Game of Life and Death
100 The Fall

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