The Wasteland of Death a land that was left to grow wild. Here, the desolate sound of the wind held sinister, eerie hints. The continuous howls that came from profound beasts in the distance made one’s heart palpitate. From afar, the entire wasteland was overrun with dry withered grass; rocks lined the rugged terrain; Spanning nine hundred and fifty kilometers long and eight hundred kilometers wide, countless of profound beasts roam the wasteland, and these profound beasts were mostly wild and ferocious.

It is one of the areas within Blue Wind Empire which had an impeccable reputation of being dangerous and brutal. Along with its reputation, its dense population of profound beasts attract large numbers of practitioners and treasure hunters. However, every year, deaths of practitioners within the area number more than a hundred thousand. Hence, from this, the place was named “Wasteland of Death”.

Locations Edit


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