The Wasteland of Death a land that was left to grow wild. From afar, the entire wasteland was overrun with dry withered grass; rocks lined the rugged terrain; Spanning nine hundred and fifty kilometers long and eight hundred kilometers wide, countless of profound beasts roam the wasteland, and these profound beasts were mostly wild and ferocious. It is one of three most dangerous areas within Blue Wind Empire. The number of profound beasts that reside within it is at least a hundred times more than the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. It is heaven for profound beasts and hell for practitioners.

Along with its reputation, its dense population of profound beasts attract large numbers of practitioners and treasure hunters. However, every year, deaths of practitioners within the area number more than a hundred thousand. Hence, from this, the place was named “Wasteland of Death”.[1]

Locations Edit


  • Dragon God Legacy Trial Grounds - The faint aura of the Primordial Azure Dragon attracts all sorts of beasts to the wasteland. Out of all the Primordial Divine Beasts, the Dragon God is at the top of the list; its level, far surpasses that of the Phoenix, which is why the Wasteland of Death has a much higher concentration of more dangerous beasts than the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.[2]