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The World Ode of the Phoenix is the Profound Art of the Phoenix. In order to utilize World Ode of the Phoenix you need to be able to use Phoenix Flames which requires the bloodline of the Phoenix.


Note: Add what each stage looks like when being used.

  • First Stage - Phoenix Flaming Lotus
  • Second Stage - Phoenix Arrow
  • Third Stage - Burning Field
  • Fourth Stage - Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens
  • Fifth Stage - Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing
    • Yun Che's version - Two wings of flame spread out on his back and his entire person shot downwards like a phoenix swooping down from the sky. The powerful assault would then trigger a large-scale flame explosion.[1]
    • Real version - Grow a phoenix silhouette into the sky which is dozens of meters wide, like a real phoenix soaring across the heavens. The phoenix silhouette would rush down and create a concentrated explosion in a small area.[2]
  • Sixth Stage - Star Scorching Demon Lotus
    • Yun Che's version - Yun Che crashs down in an area, spreading layers and layers of blazing pheonix flame, engulfing all in a radius of sixty meters. From the sky it looked as if a beautiful flame lotus had bloomed.[3]
    • Realm version - A ball of flame explodes covering several hundred meters with over one hundred flame petals.[4]

Others Edit

Profound Skills that are not apart of the World Ode of the Phoenix but still utilize the flames of the Phoenix.

  • Phoenix Domain - Created by the Divine Phoenix Sect
  • Phoenix Break - Created by Yun Che with the Phoenix Flames and Prison God Sirius' Tome
  • Ice Flame - Created by Yun Che when he merged Frozen End Divine Arts with Phoenix Flames