Xia Yuanba (夏元霸) is Yun Ches child-hood friend and one of the only ones that never bullied him when he was still crippled. Xia Yuanba was never good at cultivation and after Yun Che started on the path of cultivation it went from Xia Yuanba protecting Yun Che to Yun Che protecting him. It was found out from Jasmine that Xia Yuanba has the very rare Tyrannical Emperors Divine Veins and with how timid his personality was, his Profound Strength was destined to stay stagnant at the Elementary Profound Realm.

After Yun Che's supposed death at Heavenly Sword Villa when he gave his life for Xia Yuanba, Xia got the shock and determination to get stronger and not waste the life he was given which awoke his Tyrannical Emperor Veins by going into fights and coming out barely alive which kicks his veins into overdrive which sky rocketed his cultivation to the Tyrant Profound Realm from the Elementary Profound Realm.

After Yun Che supposedly died again in the Primordial Profound Ark Yuanba got another shock which allowed him to break into the Sovereign Profound Realm.

Personality Edit

He is a timid person but after he thought Yun Che had died because of him, his attitude changed becoming very tyrannical eventually leading to his Tyrannical Emperor Divine Veins to awaken. Following the awakening of his veins, Xia Yuanba is very cold, giving little attention to matters that do not involve those close to him. When he's in front of Yun Che, he goes back to that timid person he was before. He is very loyal to the people who matter to him.


Xia Yuanba is the brother of Xia Qingyue and brother-in-law of Yun Che.

He has the Tyrannical Emperors Divine Veins, which had not awoken until Yun Che had presumably died.

He is a cheerful person and one of the few people who was nice to Yun Che when his profound veins were crippled.

His father is Xia Hongyi, his mother's name is unknown but she is from the realm of gods.

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