Xiao Ba is a Xiao Sect disciple who accompanied Xiao Kuangyun to the Xiao Clan in Floating Cloud City. He was companions with Xiao Jiu for decades.[1]

Appearance Edit

He wore black clothing with a silver eagle pattern embroidered on his shoulder.[2]

Personality Edit

His personality was cold and ruthless.[1]

Background Edit

Born from impure bloodlines, his position in the humongous Xiao Sect was at first meager, but because he had expressed exceptional talent, he was selected and went through impossibly strict training, and later became Xiao Kuangyun’s personal guard.

History Edit

He went to Floating Cloud City along with Xiao Jiu and Xiao Moshan to accompany Xiao Kuangyun and acomplish Elder Xiao Zheng's death wish and select one person from the Xiao Clan to be Xiao Sect's disciple.[2]

Death Edit

He was killed by Jasmine because he was going to kill Yun Che.[3]