He was an abandoned disciple of the Xiao Sect, and founder of Floating Cloud City’s Xiao Clan. his father was an elder of the Xiao Sect. However, Xiao Bieli was the result of that elder raping one of the Xiao Sect’s serving girls while drunk. Since childhood, his appearance was ordinary and his talent was lacking. Furthermore he attracted a large amount of gossip, causing that elder a great amount of displeasure. Upon reaching adulthood, his profound strength was the lowest among all of his peers. To let him remain at the Xiao Sect would only cause that elder more humiliation so he found an opportunity to send him away, which was, the rural Floating Cloud City and helped him establish the Xiao Clan. From then on he paid no more attention to Xiao Bieli and cut off all contact between them and the Xiao Sect.

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