Not to be confused with the Xiao Sect, it is a clan from Floating Cloud City and was the clan that Yun Che was from until he got expelled. It was built by Xiao Bieli an abandon disciple of the Xiao Sect. Reflection Gorge is a place located in Xiao Clan mountain area, which is used to punished people who have broken the rules of Xiao Clan.

Members Edit

Founder Edit

  • Xiao Bieli - Bastered son of Xiao Sect Late Sect leader

Sect Leader Edit

  • Xiao Yunhai - Father of Xiao Yulong

Elders Edit

  • Xiao Li - First Elder
  • Xiao Bo - Second Elder
  • Xiao Ze - Third Elder
  • Xiao Cheng - Fourth Elder; chief of law enforcement
  • Xiao Lie - Fifth Elder and Yun Che's grandfater (Strongest Elder )

Younger Generation Edit

  • Yun Che - Expelled
  • Xiao Ying - Deceased; son of Xiao Lie
  • Xiao Lingxi - Yun Che's Aunt and daughter of Xiao Lie
  • Xiao Yulong - Son of Xiao Yunhai
  • Xiao Yang - Grandson of the 2nd Elder; lacky of Xiao Yulong
  • Xiao Chengzhi - Grandson of the third Elder

Other Edit

  • Xiao Yun
  • Dr. Seto - Doctor
  • Xiao De - Logistics manager of the Xiao Clan; was the one in charge of Yun Che and Xia Qingyue's wedding
  • Xiao Gu - Chief doctor
  • Xiao Hongcang - Housekeeper of the Fifth elder; Yun Che referred to him as Uncle Hong or Grandpa Hong

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