My name is Xiao Kuangyun and I am from the Xiao Sect. Regarding the great name of the Xiao Sect, you all should be very clear. In the Blue Wind Empire, there’s nothing that my Xiao Sect can’t resolve. All of you ought to feel honored and proud because even though you are a bit weak, you can still be said to be related to the Xiao Sect. The founder of the Xiao Clan was the son of one of our Xiao Sect’s Elders. However, although your founder was the son of an elder, he was actually born from a female servant. His status was so low it wasn’t worth mentioning, and his profound strength was really too lacking. As a piece of trash, he wasn’t fit to remain in the Xiao Sect. Your founder was thus banished by that Elder to this place, and that’s how your Xiao Clan came into existence.
Xiao Kuangyun to the Xiao Clan in front of all the families of Floating Cloud City[1]

Xiao Kuangyun is the 4th son of Xiao Sect's current sect master. He had very low talent and but he was only child of the sect master's official wife and was thus doted on by his father.

Appearance Edit

He has a normal build and mediocre features. His white face contained a trace of sallowness and he had the appearance of an excessive hedonist.[2]

A young man who appeared to be a little over twenty, had a mediocre body figure, and a plain looking face. However, inconsistent with his features, his apparel was nevertheless incomparably extravagant, and anyone would lock onto his clothes for a quite a while with envious eyes of thirst that were incapable of moving away.[3]

Personality Edit

A perverted good for nothing, he is a coward whose face has arrogance and haughtiness, he has really bad reputation. When facing persons inferior to him, he abuses his status, making the lives of other people miserable.

History Edit

He went to the Floating Cloud City to select a disciple from the Xiao Clan to fulfill the last wish of Elder Xiao Zheng. While being shown around the Xiao Clan by Xiao Yulong, Xiao Kuangyun saw Xia Qingyue by chance and was dumbstruck by her beauty. He wanted to obtain such a beautiful woman but was reprimanded by Xiao Moshan who was acting as his guardian.

Xiao Yulong curried favor with Xiao Kuangyun by creating a scheme for him to obtain Xia Qingyue and also Xiao Lingxi [4]. The scheme failed thanks to the intervention of Chu Yueli [5].

Years later, Yun Che became the strongest in Blue Wind Empire and came to the Xiao Sect to settle scores. He extorted ten million purple profound coins from Xiao Juetian for Xiao Kuangyun's actions. Xiao Kuangyun's genitals were also destroyed by Yun Che.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • He has snatched the wives of other persons in the past.[4]
  • Kuangyun translates to “wild/violent cloud”.