One of the Four Major Sects in the Blue Wind Empire, and also one of the first major enemies of Yun Che. It started out when Xiao Kuangyun went to the Xiao Clan to take a talented disciple back to the Xiao Sect but since he was a womanizer he tried to get Xia Qingyue but when he couldn't he went after Xiao Lingxi and ended up getting her and Xiao Lie locked up for 15 years in the mountains behind the Xiao Clan.

Members of the Main Sect Edit

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Grand Elder Edit

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Elders Edit

  • Xiao Zheng - (deceased) Previous law enforce elder. His son is responsible for the Xiao Clan
  • Xiao Moshan - Watches over Xiao Kuangyun; vice leader of the Discipline Hall

Disciples Edit

Servants Edit

  • Xiao Jiu - (deceased), Killed by Jasmine

Others Edit

  • Xiao Bieli - Abandoned by the Xiao Sect for poor aptitude; formed the Xiao Clan; father is Xiao Zheng

Branch Sect Edit

The Xiao branch sect is one of seven major sects in New Moon City. The actual location of the sect is at South Moon Mountain. The entire mountain belonged to the sect. It has its own management and leadership.

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