Xiao Yang was a member of the Xiao Clan and the youngest grandson of the Second Elder.

Appearance Edit

He was a thin young man.

Personality Edit

Arrogant and coward.

Background Edit

He was not just an ordinary Xiao Clan disciple; he was the Second Elder’s youngest grandson. At the age of nineteen, he was at the ninth level of the Elementary Profound Realm. Ever since he was a child, he always followed Xiao Yulong around and listened to his every word. However, he wasn't as kind to Yun Che as he was to Xiao Yulong. Even though they were both grandsons of Elders, he never cared for Yun Che. Whenever Yun Che tried to strike up a conversation, he would either ignore or respond with an upturned nose.[1]

History Edit

Under Xiao Yulong's order, Xiao Yang put Murdering Heart Powder in Yun Che's food.

Following Xiao Yulong's orders, he went to invite Yun Che to drink wine with them as "good will", he was flattering Xiao Yulong even more after knowing that he was high probabilities to join the Xiao Sect.[2]

He tried to fight Yun Che who returned after 3 years and who had crashed through the Xiao Clan gate. He was no match and his profound veins were shattered.[3]