Xiao Yongan is the son of Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven.

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Cute and docile.

Plotline Edit

He was born ice-cold and lifeless due to a tendril of devilish energy that invaded his Life Vein. The devil energy was due to Number Seven Under Heaven being indirectly harmed by Xuanyuan Wentian’s Darkness Prison at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice while pregnant with Yongan. Yun Che was able to cleanse the devilish energy using the Sky Poison Pearl and a drop of blood from Feng Xue'er plus the pure flames of Feng Xue'er[1]. He was named by Xiao Lie[2].

This child… My hope is not that he achieves great success and fame in life, my hope is that he simply lives a peaceful life that is free of calamity or strife. So I will name him… Yongan.
— Xiao Lie naming Xiao Yongan