Xiao Yunhai is the clan master of the Xiao Clan.

Personality Edit

Due to his high status and strength, he became accustomed to show disdain to the weak persons and act arrogant whenever he wants.

Background Edit

He is the Clan Master of the Xiao Clan.

History Edit

He was present in the wedding of Yun Che and Xia Qingyue, he was smiling in the outside due to politeness, showing face to Xiao Lie and Xia Hongyi, but he was disdaining Yun Che inwardly.[1]

After that day, he received a letter from the Xiao Sect and he happily went to prepare everything to greet them.[2]

In the afternoon, he respectfully went to receive them at the entrance after waiting since noon for their arrival, while Xiao Kuangyun lazily answered him.[3]

When Xiao Kuangyun was asking for the Profound Opening Powder that was previously gifted to him, Xiao Yunhai said that it disappeared from Xiao Clan's infirmary.[4]

He acted along with Xiao Kuangyun and followed his son's schemes to frame Xiao Lingxi and give her to Xiao Kuangyun to improve his son's status in the Xiao Sect.[5]

Their plans were interrupted by Chu Yueli but thanks to his son, they could at least expell Yun Che from their sect and Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie were sent to the Reflection Gorge for 15 years prisonment as punishment from "stealing" the Profound Opening Powder.

He was happy with the outcome, because his son, Xiao Yulong, was accepted to join the Xiao Sect and expected to follow closely Xiao Kuangyun. But then, he was notified that his son's profound vein was damaged by an assasin and that he has to cultivate from the beginning, his hapiness turned into anger and hatred in no time, but he was unable to do anything because he couldn't find the assasin.

The Infirmary and Southern Courtyard was set on fire so he had to go fast and solve the problem, after coming back to Xiao Yulong's courtyard, he found that his son was totally mutilated by the previous assasin, his son was half-death and had no cure. He read a few words left behind in a wall using he blood of his son and after that, he fainted.[6]

Old piece of Xiao shit! This special present is to celebrate your b*tch ass son’s immediate ascension into the Xiao Sect. Please kindly accept it.
— Words on the wall.